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Money against life!

Sábado 6 de abril de 2024, por GCI

Money against life!
Dictatorship of Money, of State, of financier, of Capital
against Workers life and to enslave them
For years there has being delay, cutoff, financial and political
manipulation, robbery and garbing by the government and financier to
the wages of workers in Iraq and Kurdistan. In resent years this
situation even became worth and heading to general breakdown!
No wages no life!
So the aim of wage deprivation is the destruction of
human life!
This deliberate war on wages against workers life has nothing do with
“lack, short, of Money”, or any other common blame games and
propagandists, but has everything to do with the “power of Money”, with
financial power of the supper riches, and their state terror, against
workers life and their families ( against humanity)!

This war on workers life is a dictatorship of money, a policy of social destruction, a direct financial robbery, a deliberate attack , as in every where, to impose mass poverty and mass killing! It is part of a universal financial trap against humanity, against workers life and their families….

It is a total war of financial power, a gun on the head, against humanity! It is
a war on social life! It is a mechanism of robing workers from their ability to
“live” and feed their families! Robing them and their children from their
sours of survive! to kill their capacity to live, their ability to support
themselves, to raising their head, to fell that they are “beings” and they are
“human ” and able to function socially ! to drive them into desperation,
submission, ill-health an d starvation. But even worth ! To drive them into
self-destruction, suicidal moods, debit enslavement and their children into all
forms of slavery …
This is not “unfortunate event”, it is not “out off control”, but it is a clear
plan and financial(class) attack, not just to grabs workers and their children
life and enrich their financial asserts by, but to drive entire population into
destruction, disperse , starvation , mass murders,.. into the hand of criminal
financiers, landlords power, servants and slavery.
This attack is a control measure! It is a programmable attack! It is %100
under their control and carryout by their order for their interest! It play
by their roles and deliberate calculation!
This is how they crate their wealth, power and privilege and drive us into
their enslavement!
The financial power group from USA, EU, UN, IMF, Baghdad , PDK,
PUK and their Lords, … which are in charge of Iraqi government, of
financial polices and Money circulations, and directly planing and imposing
this attack , are in charge of this class war against workers life! This attacks
is a coordinated part of present global finical war against humanity!
This global war is a dominate very aggressive policy of capital worldwide
for the benefit of upper class and elimination of workers life!
Their plan is to take everything for themselves and leave nothing for
you! Their plan is to robe you, your children and grandchildren, from your
life, and give you ill he health and starvation, pain, position, humiliation and
slavery in replace, and drive you to your coffin wile you still alive ( if even
your family able to buy one for you!!)…
The plan is to own everything between themselves, and turn everything into
money, control and power! More wealth, power, privilege for their families
with less unwanted people around! with maximum privilege and protection,
no cost ( that is what robbery is!) and with geneal obidian to their privilege
and their power ( to whatever they want to do, and however they want to
do, with you and your children!)
They want land, water, all resources, entire planet for their families ( with
whatever number of servants and workers they may wish to have, but not
humans, not social population, not independent life ! That is their plan…
Financier and Lords are in power in Iraq and Kurdistan. They are in
charge of this attack on public life and carryout this robbery against
workers life for themselves and their masters ...
Deprivation of life, accelerating public poverty, enriching financier,
accumulating of wealth and tingeing the superiority of money over life,
capital over humanity, is the main driving force behind this organize
financier terror against humanity!
Dictatorship of Money against human life is a power behind this
governmental war on global scale!
So the enemy is not far, it is the super riches! It is a global power and hose
who has been in power for generation in Iraq and Kurdistan are active part
and in service of that international power !
From the top to the bottom, from the bottom to the top, this global
power, this capital system is our enemy! Their wealth , power and
privilege is the force of our deprivation and inhumanity!
Their wealth, power, pleasure and privilege is their dictatorship against
our life!
Down with dictatorship of Money
down with power, superiority and privilege
Down with class society
long live human community
April 2024


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