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Tuesday 8 March 2022, by kilombo

The imperialist war NATO/Russia, Ukraine/Russians, "fascist Nazis"/"communists", fascism/antifascism...,
is evidently part of the war of the New World Order against the human species.
As are, today, the eternal/latent wars in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and all the former Yugoslavia, the
bombings and assassinations of the Western armies in Mali, in Somalia, in Yemen..., of Israel against
the Gaza strip and other occupied territories, of the Chinese State genociding the Uyghur people and/or
that of the Burmese State against the Rohinyá....
Even in the Ukraine/Russia region [1], the imperialist war, did not begin now, nor when the death
squads and other paramilitary forces organized by NATO, destroyed the social uprising of the
proletariat of that region, imposing themselves in the "new" "Ukrainian" political power, transforming,
with their brutal armed power, the movement of social revolution into pure imperialist war, militarizing
the whole region, with Nazi and Leninist flags and commandos executing mercilessly, racist and
genocidal massacres. These are always part of the counter-insurrectionary PLAN of the armies of the
Faced with the same, humanity and above all, the proletariat in its struggle, has no choice but to fight,
with all its strength, to transform that war into social revolution, directing its struggle, in each place to
the revolutionary defeat of "its own State" (Government or State). This struggle of resistance against
the immediate war, is at the same time, a struggle of resistance to the New World Order, imposed by the
world plutocracy, which drives, arms and profits, with all these wars.
The true social war against the imperialist war is at the same time, then, resistance to the macabre
PLAN of the world plutocracy aimed at depopulating the earth. Resistance to the most gigantic
genocide of all times that is in full development, and that, at the same time that affirms its projection to
destroy, an important part of the world population, seeks to transform the survivors into domesticated,
obedient, submissive beings..., soldiers of their own oppression and exploitation.
In the fight against local wars, we must not forget for a moment the global plans of the financial
aristocracy that intends to TERMINATE FOREVER, with the true human community, tearing apart
living beings into atomized and concurrent individuals, in beings genetically modified, controlled,
intoxicated, digitized, milked, inoculated, pharmaceutical drug addicts, convidized [3], swamped [4],
superstitious of plandemism, pimps of confinement and the covering of mouths....
That is to say, in real "mobile devices", connected all the time, to the central brain, digitized by Bill
Gates and company, which organizes and orders everything that remains for us to live, from daily life,
to breathing, from feeding to medication, from birth to the crematorium, from contact with others
(distancing) to the covering of mouths, from the screen to "love", from "work" to "leisure"....
For all that, it makes no sense to call only the struggle of the proletariat of that region
"Russian/Ukrainian "and/or to call, only the inhabitants and soldiers of one and the other front
(including material production, obviously!) [5] .
Revolutionary defeatism, is worldwide, or is, lying and fallacious. And it ends up serving the national
defense of the other imperialist camp!
Revolutionary defeatism, if it is not part of the defeatism of all the States and of the world State, makes
no sense. It makes even less sense to call for "revolutionary defeatism" in a single region and directed
at "Russian soldiers" and "Ukrainian soldiers".
This position, of calling for the defeat in Russia/Ukraine, instead of promoting the internationalist
struggle of the proletariat, which today resists the NEW WORLD ORDER, with different forms in
more than 100 countries, liquidates the revolutionary perspective.
The inter-border war is not a war between countries or "states", as the media would have us believe, but
rather clearly a war against humanity. Those who pretend to reduce "defeatism" to the proletarians in
Ukraine and Russia and/or to the soldiers of those countries, leave them totally unattached to
proletarian internationalism against the New World Order. This position, instead of being
"revolutionary defeatist", is, in spite of the more or less correct and bombastic declarations on
"revolutionary defeatism", partial, emasculating, submissive ..... It serves the implementation of the
New World Order to the extent that these wars are part of the MEDIA HIDE, OF THE
TOTALITARIAN ATTACK of the Government of the "New Normality".
Of course, in inter-imperialist wars, it is important to denounce the criminal character of both blocs in
the massacres of the population. In this case (Russia/Ukraine), we will not waste time in adding
information, both "fractions" seem the same of the second war, the Nazis and the Stalinists, yesterday
allied then opposing each other, but always competing to who is more repressive, criminal and
murderous. We prefer to insist here that both were and are part of the same WORLD PLAN of attack
against humanity.
Those wars and those "fronts" are geographically partial and therefore, to focus the response to it,
opposing only the Ukrainian and Russian State, geographically biases the struggle. Above all, those
who do not even remember that, the struggle on these war fronts (productive and military), is the same
struggle being waged by the proletarians against the WORLD DICTATORSHIP in Canada, by the
Yellow Vests in dozens of countries, by the proletarians in Guadeloupe, Martinique... and/or Marseilles
or Turin...!
The absolute domination, at the level of media manipulation, of the Russia/Ukraine war, in relation to
the Circus covid, is also part of the World War against humanity. From one day to the other, they
decided that only that is important, and the front pages are occupied by generals and colonels instead of
"experts" and "doctors", but the STATE TERRORISM is always the same. As the plandemic
manipulation is becoming more and more evident and confirming that the health issue was only a
pretext for THE DICTATORSHIP, in order to continue affirming it, they declare that "the pandemic is
ending" and concentrate all the GOVERNMENT TERRORISM IN THE WAR. In that sense that War
is fundamentally a military exercise of diversion that makes the world Government, to continue the
attack against humanity.
That is why focusing the response on a supposed "revolutionary defeatism" that speaks only of that war
that the media imposes on us, as if it were now the most important thing of all, besides biasing the
struggle even more, castrates it in its true BODY, VITAL, ENERGETIC PROGRAMMATIC DEPTH,
AS A COMMUNITY OF STRUGGLE. Defeatism", without confronting the social war against
humanity on a daily basis, without counterposing to it the community of life and struggle in all its
aspects, is only a variant of social-democratic politicking.
The only revolutionary position in front of the partial war, is to denounce as what it is, one more
chapter of the GLOBAL WORLD WAR that, the PLANETARY STATE, has declared, socially and
politically, against humanity; that the visible and declared massacres that includes the war that is
publicized in the media, are only a part of the GENOCIDE, DOMESTICATING AND
TRANSHUMANIST DICTATORSHIP, which is in full development.
Fear as a control system, the sensationalist media terror is maintained and reinforced going from
covidcircus to "war is coming" and "the planet is burning" and vice versa....
THE genocidal PLAN, bases its permanent strategy on the media TERROR system, creating fear, the
more fear the better, in that the SHOCK of terror is getting stronger and stronger. It is the ABC of
GOVERNING BY CHAOS, of the manipulation of brains and masses of proletarians dazzled by the
media screens, creating consensus, using mind control and propaganda techniques. Fear of the
destruction of the planet ("to save the world we must depopulate the earth"), religion of global warming
and climate change, terror of the very life we are forced to "sacrifice" to avoid the climatic catastrophe.
Fear of the "terrorism" that they themselves create, fear of the viruses that they advertise, creation of
diseases and pandemics, whose only existence is ideological and proper of THE "scientific medical"
RELIGION. Fear deliberately provoked to subdue, control, justify police omnipresence, distance,
destroy ties, burst solidarities and struggles, cover the mouth, confine, inoculate....
THE localist and uncritical "revolutionary defeatism", of the DICTATORSHIP of the New World
Order, is neither revolutionary, nor defeatist, but, like all bilateral "defeatism", it can be used by the
opposing camp, and serve the national defense of either side. This is too similar to social-democratic
defeatism and particularly to Bolshevik defeatism, which from its origin served and was
instrumentalized by the World State.
Let us not forget that the Russian and World Counterrevolution was a perfect model of transformation
of the revolutionary energy against the world war, in partialist defeatism under revolutionary pretext
(social opportunism), to serve the successive camps of the imperialist war, to end up being the Great
Bolshevik Alliance for repression and world counterrevolution. Its "world" formalization was precisely
the Third International..., which is mounted to the internationalist project of proletarianism. Which
mounts to the internationalist project of the revolutionary proletariat to end up declaring in its name,
the renunciation of the revolution, the adoption of the program of social-democratic centrism (in the
first Congresses) and transforming itself into the greatest force of disarmament and liquidation of
revolutionary autonomy of all times.
That was exactly what Lenin, his Bolsheviks and their party, the Social Democracy, did! It achieved
financing, immunities and protected travel, selling that "revolutionary" defeatism to the German side
(to achieve Russian defeatism), and then, to the bankers of the City and Wall Street (to achieve the
defeatism of the Germans). As a party of bourgeois intellectuals for the working class (as
Lenin/Kautsky said), it fulfilled its central objective: systematic massacre of the proletariat in the whole
region and development of capitalism in Russia/Soviet Union, on the basis of forced labor and
The "revolutionary" defeatism that only denounces the war, as inter-frontier or inter-imperialist and/or
of opposing fronts, forgets that these are PART of a WORLD WAR AGAINST HUMANITY. Their
perverse practices, of mobilization, confinement, mouth-plugging, inoculation, confinement, "stay at
home", human-to-human distancing, toxic (and in many cases directly criminal) medical
protocols ...constitute the core of the aristocratic PLAN for the destruction of human life.
The conception that faces defeatism as cross-border and considers that one is more defeatist for
addressing the proletariat of each country, is the result of a social-democratic, Leninist conception (it is
not by chance that the Internationals were federations of national parties and ultimately localist and
nationalist). Not understanding capital as globality, money and plutocracy as its historical essence, it
can have no other ideological discourse than to reduce the explanation of imperialist wars as if they
were only inter-imperialist and the fruit of competition. This is the approach of social opportunism
and, of course, that of Lenin in his "Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism...!
The critique of economics, the critique of valorizing value, understands, on the contrary, that the
foundation of "imperialist" wars is not competition, but total capital; that although each fraction of
capital thinks only of confronting and destroying its commercial and military competitors, both
fractions realize the global interest of capital, both by transforming social struggles into wars of
renewal of world capital, or if one wants the destruction, in war, of productive forces (including living
beings) realizes an indispensable function of world capital....
Both the winning and losing fractions benefit global capital which will increase its reproductive
cycle (crisis, war, destruction, reconstruction, amplification...) and also capital par excellence, MONEY
CAPITAL, MONEY AS BANKING CAPITAL, which ends up accumulating value for all destruction
and reconstitution, appropriating surplus value from both opposing factions and charging rents for the
emission and usury that war allows. This is how plutocracy and world aristocracy were forged, this
is the very history of capitalism.
As the classics said: war is the essence of capitalism, capitalism always wins in war, because the
arms manufacturers and bankers are the real rulers of capitalism.
The conception of "revolutionary" defeatism country by country, forgets that beyond the contradictory
capital, competitive, in border war..., there exists, besides the global capital, the capital par excellence,
the PLUTOCRACY, the government of capital. That is to say, the power of world money, concentrated
in the issuers of money, the central banks, the investment funds, which, like the producers of arms
(Nobel prizes) and merchants of death throughout the world, always win, whoever wins in the local
wars of frontiers and fronts.
Indeed, while from the inter-bourgeois point of view, the defeatist proletariat can always be
manipulated by the other bourgeois bloc (the defeatism of one bloc leads to the triumph of the other),
and the industrial, agricultural and "service" bourgeoisie can be liquidated, forever by the destruction of
the means of production of their property, from the point of view of money, of capital as such, capital
always wins in all wars , and the bourgeoisie can always be manipulated by the other bourgeois bloc
(the defeatism of one bloc leads to the triumph of the other).
The fraction that controls the money, the banks and the monetary emission is the one that always
wins, whatever the outcome of the wars. It is logical then that this was the fraction that pushed all
wars, territorial, for raw materials and markets, to extend its properties, that even forged the
world capitalist system from top to bottom and in all latitudes of the planet. The domination of
money as capital and the conformation of the world capitalist system, originates not hundreds, but
thousands of years ago.
THE MONEY CAPITAL, is the essence of all the others, its historical beginning (before it was
spoken of 2 to 4000 years, today of between 7000 and 50. 000...), its absolute direction, the domination
of all the immediate modes of production "slavery", Germanic, "Asiatic"..., until the conquest of the
world imposing itself as a world system dripping blood and mud through all pores...
The particular capitals such as industrial or agricultural capital, are only metamorphoses of the value
form, they are the support (production of use values) ... Not forgetting also that, the current forms of
value production by central banks, the "quantitative easing" confirms that, the value has made total
abstraction of labor. Material production and the very life of the vast majority of human beings is
totally dispensable for finance capital. That is why today they can say aloud what previously only the
aristocratic and Malthusian factions in the shadows used to say: "To save the planet we must reduce the
population", "the fewer lives the better", the less life in each "human being" (isolation, domestication,
limitation of consumption, austerity, confinement...) the better the world’s finances will behave.
The bancocracy does not need so many humans, the world plutocracy does not need work. World
capital valorizes itself by eliminating labor and producing unlimited signs of value. The "labor
value" is a fetishistic reminiscence of the bourgeois political economy, particularly tenacious in the
"Marxist-Leninist" religion. Only they keep repeating that it is necessary to sacrifice for the national
economy..., that "work is what allows progress". Let us not forget that the maximum wisdom of the
bourgeois economy has been crowned with the Stalinist planners repeating the slogan of their historical
bosses: "the greatest capital is the human being"....
How low and filthy is the human condition according to Lenin, Stalin, Stakhanov...!
That is why the Bilderberg, its World Forums, its plans and programs, its philanthropic foundations and
subaltern organizations (UN, armies, WHO, media, police...) barrack and confine, suspend production
and services, travel and meetings, pleasures and tourism... and in general all use values... While the
others lose capital with all that, that closes, that does not work, the powerful still accumulate more
and more values and continue to increase the rate of exploitation! That is why while the petty and
middle bourgeoisie, owners of the bowling alley on the corner or the big store in the city protest and
speak of the crisis of capitalism, they know on the contrary that everything that closes and goes
bankrupt, is not the crisis, but on the contrary the overcoming of the crisis. This increases the profit of
the few who receive the free money distributed by the important Central Banks, at the same time that
the many, "the commons", are starved and exterminated. The less work, the more surplus value, the
more production of securities by the issuing banks and towards the domination of the investment
funds that control the world (Cantillon effect). The decrease of industrial, agricultural, services
surplus value, is SUPER compensated, by the increase of taxes and taxes on fuels (in the name of
climate change), on all uses and use values, on walking, on entertainment, on transport to work and to
That historical direction of value valorization through the centuries, which the revolutionaries always
confronted and denounced as PLUTOCRACY and/or FINANCIAL ARISTOCRACY, directs with an
iron hand world capitalism, from its "prediluvian" origin to the present day. It is constituted today by
central banks, investment funds... and above all by the centralization and political / military /
propagandist organization..., of those forces (of those private owners, or rather of those historical
values personified in persons and sects of all kinds), as WORLD GOVERNMENT IN THE
Although the characters of that plutocracy change, and it is permanently renewed, it has shown an
infernal continuity, so much so that the sects and families of many centuries ago are today at the HEAD
of the world order that they helped to create. And it is possible to prove sacrificial, symbolic and
mantric continuities, linked to the consecration of money as god "ojeando" (the eye that sees
everything), with the world constitution of capital, with Judaic sects, Masons, Jesuits...since 200, 400
years ago...and up to a thousand...or 5000 years, according to current investigations. The example par
excellence is that of the Rothschild Family, which since the "French Revolution" controls the monetary
emission of Europe and America; a control assured for so many generations thanks to placing a brother,
cousin or nephew at the head of the central banks of each great capital.
This plutocratic dynasty sponsored and imposed the great generals of the imperialist wars, monarchs
and princes, generals and bankers and even "revolutionaries" such as Napoleon and Lenin, who
organized the greatest counter-revolutionary massacres of their respective centuries. That family
plutocracy, sectarian and racist, even defining itself as "the chosen people", the "master race" and/or
"the enlightened ones", has armed both sides of all wars, including the last 2 "world wars".
The greatest concentration of fortune in the history of world capital (in central banks, commercial
banks and investment funds), never had its basis in material production but in money capital, never in
the production of human use values but in their destruction.
That same financial capital that runs the world, that same historical plutocracy and even that same
dynasty of elect and illuminati are those who today are leading the WAR AGAINST HUMANITY. And
also those who are leading the Russia/Ukraine war!
It is not by chance that the Russian and Ukrainian governments applied to the letter the WAR
AGAINST HUMANITY declared under pandemic pretext, formally ordered from the United Nations
and the World Health Organization, but of course decided in the World Economic Forum and more
precisely in its apex, the Bilderberg Club.
the 58th Munich Security Conference , a photograph of a CEO lunch at the conference suggests that ’a lot of old
white men’ are still running the show, writes Fernandez [Michael Bröcker/Twitter]
That is why today, as yesterday, we revolutionaries call for the struggle AGAINST CAPITAL
AND THE WORLD STATE, against the genocidal Plan elaborated by the PLUTOCRACY
As always, we affirm the necessity of revolutionary defeatism, not in this or that war or country, but
fighting in all the regions of the world against, "their own" bourgeoisie and "their own" State, that in
spite of all their contradictions and "little wars" are unified in applying, the genocidal dictatorship to
create the New World Order.
Internationalist Communist Group
March 2, 2022
[1] The media manipulation is so great that even the terms "Ukraine/Russia", invasion/defense, border/
autonomous region, peace/war... hide the historical reality of the population of that region instead of
explaining it. None of these terms obey to the real life of the people of that region living together in
that part of the planet, but to confrontation between capitalist and imperialist powers, destroying and
using people as cattle. None of the categories of the war organized and mediatized by the powerful of
the New World Order, refer to humanity resisting war and oppression (as for example was the
Makhnovtchina), but to the perpetual war between capitalist fractions (nationalists, "White Russians",
Nazis, Bolsheviks, Western armies, murderous squads imposed by the empires...), all criminal and
[2] Let us not forget that it was exactly in this way that, in Spain in the 1930s, world capitalism
confronted the social revolution, imposing the polarization fascism/anti-fascism instead of the real
polarization of classes. What, as today they also imposed this "war" against the social one, by means of
the direct action of military forces and armed commandos in different latitudes (such as Russia,
Morocco, London and Mexico) to organize systematic massacres against the social and political
social, imposing in front of the real polarization of classes, the polarization fascism/anti-fascism.
What, as today also imposed that "war" in front of the social one, by means of the direct action of
military forces and armed commandos in different latitudes (as Russia, Morocco, London and Mexico.)
to organize systematic massacres against the civilian population and above all against the revolutionary
minorities that called for the social revolution. The torture houses, the aerial bombardment, the
kidnapping and murder of people was the decisive card of Leninists and Francoists... to exterminate
revolutionaries and decimate the population, these were the practical weapons of fascism/anti-fascism
[3] It is said of the one who professes the religion of the contagious virus, adheres to the sanitary creed
of the WHO, accepts the "distanciation" and is coupled to the television, covers his mouth at the simple
request or sign, remains unemployed and eats more shit than ever, because "going out and seeing
people only serves to become infected", but... does not go out to protest, because he knows that "there
is no one to blame", because that is typical of the "pandemics of capital" and that only the "deniers",
"anti-Semites" and "conspiracy theorists" protest...No, it does not mean that the consensus is already:
"we must vaccinate them all, by hook or by crook". Not everyone who professes this religion wants the
repressive solution!
[4] As with "covidistas" and "covidiziados" ...these words, rare and changing, were created according
to the needs of the struggle, both in the popular pots and on the barricades against those who adhere to
the PLANDEMIC religion of power and repression, from Mexico to Spain, from Argentina to
Nicaragua. Covidista" is used, for example, against those who believe that the evils come, NOT from a
state, police and military attack against the poor neighborhoods, but from a "real" and/or "invented by
the Chinese" "virus" that would cause disease and death. "Covidiziados" refers to those who adhere
more globally to the official religious set and the consequent of repressive measures, and seeks to
justify them, as does the big propaganda media. "Apantallados", which could mean those who do not
use screens, is used in some quarters to refer to those who are guided only by them (including, of
course, the big television media and other "intelligent" screens), who "believe only in what is on
television", "who allow themselves to be brainwashed... by the media created for that purpose". These
"people" are assumed to be the very incarnation of power, because they transmit everything that power
says: "don’t you see that it looks like the official channel repeats the same thing that was said on TV
last night", "don’t you see that it even says it as if it were the official communiqué announcing the
sanitary measures"? Although it sounds ugly, we have also heard talk of "avaccinated", "screened" to
refer to those who have been so inoculated that their cell phones stick to their bodies, those who emit a
Mac address and those who, it is said, "have been injected with the chip of permanent connection... to
the screen", "they are the parrots and pimps of the committee of scientists".
[5] See, for example: T?ÍDNÍ VÁLKA / CLASS WAR - February 24, 2022 Proletarians in Russia and
Ukraine! On the production front and on the military front..., which we criticize in detail, in another
article, which we will publish soon. Here, we do not go into details about it, but we expose our
position, against all those who pretend to distance themselves from both sides of the war, WITHOUT
DENOUNCING, that local episode, as PART OF THE WAR, of the WORLD GOVERNMENT

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